The following are publications which discuss or reference the CARE Consortium:

*Schmidt JD, Rizzone K, Hoffman NL, Weber ML, Jones C, Bazarian J, Broglio SP, McCrea M, McAllister, TW, CARE Consortium Investigators. Age at first concussion influences number of subsequent concussions, Pediatric Neurology, Available online 31 January 2018, ISSN 0887-8994, Read Full Article >

*Broglio SP, McCrea M, McAllister T, et al. A National Study on the Effects of Concussion in Collegiate Athletes and US Military Service Academy Members: The NCAA-DoD Concussion Assessment, Research and Education (CARE) Consortium Structure and Methods. Sports Med. Mar 09 2017. Read Full Article >

*Houck, Z., Asken, B., Clugston, J., Perlstein, W., & Bauer, R. (2017). Socioeconomic Status and Race Outperform Concussion History and Sport Participation in Predicting Collegiate Athlete Baseline Neurocognitive Scores. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, 1-10. Read Full Article >

*Nencka AS, MeierTB, Wang Y, Muftuler LT, Wu YC, Saykin AJ, Harezlak J, Brooks MA, Giza CC, DiFiori J, Guskiewicz KM, Mihalik JP, LaConte SM, Duma SM, Broglio S, McAllister TW, McCrea MA, Koch KM, Stability of MRI Metrics in the Advanced Research Core of the NCAA-DoD Concussion Assessment, Research and Education (CARE) Consortium, Brain Imaging and Behavior
Read Full Article >

*Broglio SP, Katz BP, Zhao S, McCrea M, McAllister T, CARE Consortium Investigators, Test-retest reliability and interpretation of common concussion assessment tools: Findings from the NCAADoD CARE Consortium, Sports Medicine Read Full Article >

*Rowson S, Duma SM, Stemper BD, Shah A, Mihalik JP, Harezlak J, Riggen LD, Giza CC, DiFiori J, Brooks A, Guskiewicz K, Campbell D, McGinty J, Svoboda S, Cameron K, Broglio SP, McAllister T, McCrea M, Correlation of concussion symptom profile with head impact biomechanics: A case for individual-specific injury tolerance, Journal of Neurotrauma
Read Full Article >

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