Newly-Invited or Currently-Enrolled Participants

We want to extend our deepest appreciation to you and all of your teammates and classmates who volunteered to participate in the CARE Consortium studies. We are grateful for your time and effort. Know that your contribution is advancing our knowledge of concussion and improving treatment and clinical care for student athletes and cadets.

Thank you for considering enrolling in the CARE-SALTOS Integrated Study!

You may be contacted by email, text message or phone call from University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research, or from research staff at Indiana University School of Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin, or one of the military sites/NICoE to participate in CSI. We look forward to your continued contribution to this important study.  You can contact us at or call 833-842-1393 if you have questions about the study or would like to be contacted to participate in CSI.

Please take a moment to browse this website for more information about the CSI study, recent publications, and resources you may find helpful.

What to Expect

For Tier 1 (online assessments) participants, you will be asked to complete a series of online surveys and assessments very similar to the information you provided during your undergraduate participation in CARE. These surveys can take up to one hour to complete. You will receive monetary compensation for completion.

For Tier 2 (in-person visit) participants (those who are invited for an in-person visit), your study visit will include:

  • Survey questionnaires for you to complete on a computer
  • In-person assessments proctored by research staff
  • A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) session to safely obtain a clear picture of your brain
  • A small blood draw for genetic and other testing

You will receive monetary compensation upon completion of the study day, along with compensation for travel and lodging.


Study Procedures


For any other questions pertaining to participation in the CARE-SALTOS Integrated (CSI) Study, please see our Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Us.