Frequently Asked Questions

What is the study about? Why is this study important? What will the data or information be used for?

  1. This study will address societal questions on the relationship between concussions, head impact exposure and brain-related health problems in former collegiate athletes and military service academy cadets who previously participated in the CARE Consortium study as undergraduate and post-graduate students.
  2. This information could be used by clinicians, researchers and policy makers in the future to help inform treatment, care and prevention of concussions.
  3. The study will ask questions about your health, well-being and concussion history.

Why do you need me for this study?

When you were a collegiate athlete, you participated in the CARE Consortium study, which studied the short-term effects of concussions. We would like to get additional information from you that we can pair with the information from your college career so we can better understand if and why there are long-term effects of concussion.

Who is conducting the study? Who is paying for the study?

  1. Indiana University, as part of the CARE Consortium which includes the Medical College of Wisconsin, the University of Michigan, and Uniformed Services University are leading this study.
  2. The study is paid for by the NCAA, the Department of Defense (DoD), and the Henry Jackson Foundation (HJF). Information is available to those organizations only in summary form and no individual participant is ever identified in reports or research papers.

What kinds of questions will you ask?

  1. This study contains questions about your current health and well-being and any injuries you have sustained since your last survey completion.
  2. We’ll also ask you to undergo some computer-based tests, as well as an MRI, urine sample (only to confirm pregnancy prior to an MRI [if applicable]), and a blood draw, if participating in an in-person (Tier 2) study visit.

I don’t remember being in the CARE Study… When/where did I sign the consent and complete the interview/baseline testing?

  1. You signed a consent to be in the CARE study during your undergraduate career. Most consents are completed in the Department of Athletics prior to the start of the athletic season, and/or may have been done in a large group setting prior to the start of the school year.
  2. From 2014 to 2021, the CARE study used many of the same concussion assessments that are routinely completed prior to the start of the athletic season and following concussion that you would have to complete even if you were not enrolled in the study. Because the assessments in the CARE study are so similar to standard clinical care, you may not recall any study-specific tests being completed.
  3. If you graduated or left your undergraduate institution between 2018-2021 you may have been asked to complete a CARE “Exit” survey prior to graduation/departure that was for research purposes only and not for clinical care.
  4. You may have been invited to participate in the CARE Post-graduation study during 2019-2021. Invitations to participate were sent via text and/or email, or you may have received a call from a University of Michigan Institute for Survey Research (ISR) interviewer asking you to complete the CARE Post-graduation study assessments during those same years.

What do you need from me, and how often?

For Tier 1, you will be asked to participate in a online survey that can be completed in your own time. You will be asked to do this twice over the course of the five year study period.

For Tier 2, the in person assessments, civilians will be invited to travel to either Indiana University school of Medicine in Indianapolis, Indiana, or Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Military personnel will be asked to travel to one of the Intrepid Spirit centers: Ft. Hood, Ft. Bragg, Joint Base Lewis McChord, or NICoE. For these in-person study days, you will complete a similar series of questions to Tier 1, provide a urine sample (if applicable), blood draw, and MRI. This would take place in one day and you would only be asked to do this once in the 5 year study period.

Military personnel at the Naval Explosive Ordinance Disposal school at Eglin Air Force Base will be invited to participate in a one-time study including a few neuropsychological measures, a similar series of questions to Tier 1, and a blood draw. This would take place in one day and you would only be asked to do this once in the 5 year study period.


Will my answers be kept private?

  1. All of your answers will remain confidential. Your responses will not be shared in any way that could identify you.
  2. We are very committed to protecting your privacy.
  3. Information such as your name, address, and telephone number will be kept in secure files. Only the research team will see individual answers to the interview questions.
  4. We have obtained a Certificate of Confidentiality issued through the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to help protect your privacy. This certificate prohibits the disclosure of sensitive and identifiable information to anyone outside of the research team unless you consent to the release of that information, with the exception of a few specific situations that are described in the Informed Consent document.

What’s in it for me as a participant? What do I get out of participating?

  1. Tier 1 participants will receive a $50 check after the first survey and a $100 check after the second survey in the mail 4-6 weeks after completion of the surveys. Tier 2 participants will be reimbursed for their travel/hotel. You will also receive a one-time $750 stipend for your time and participation in this in-person visit.
  2. Though you may not benefit directly from participation, the information you provide may help others in the future.

Can I answer the survey questions every year and get paid every year?

You are allowed to answer the electronic survey questions every year but you will only be paid two times ($50, then $100) in the five year study period for your participation.

When will I get paid?

  • For Tier 1, you will receive a check in the mail 4-6 weeks following study completion.
  • For Tier 2, you will receive your stipend upon study completion either in the form or a pre-loaded debit card or a check.

How long will it take to answer these questions?

The in-person visit will take about a day, and the online survey for Tier 1 takes less than an hour.

Is there someone I can contact if I have questions about the study?

  1. You can contact the person who called/emailed you for the study (he or she will provide you with their contact information).
  2. Please see the contact page of this website for additional contacts.