1. You signed a consent to be in the CARE study during your undergraduate career. Most consents are completed in the Department of Athletics prior to the start of the athletic season, and/or may have been done in a large group setting prior to the start of the school year.
  2. From 2014 to 2021, the CARE study used many of the same concussion assessments that are routinely completed prior to the start of the athletic season and following concussion that you would have to complete even if you were not enrolled in the study. Because the assessments in the CARE study are so similar to standard clinical care, you may not recall any study-specific tests being completed.
  3. If you graduated or left your undergraduate institution between 2018-2021 you may have been asked to complete a CARE “Exit” survey prior to graduation/departure that was for research purposes only and not for clinical care.
  4. You may have been invited to participate in the CARE Post-graduation study during 2019-2021. Invitations to participate were sent via text and/or email, or you may have received a call from a University of Michigan Institute for Survey Research (ISR) interviewer asking you to complete the CARE Post-graduation study assessments during those same years.