Summary of Revisions to CARE SOPs

The CARE Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have been revised and in accordance with our SOPs, we are opening them to public comment by Consortium members. The DRAFT SOPs can be found on the CARE Consortium Intranet under the “Standard Operating Procedures” folder. Comments or suggestions for revisions should be submitted to by May 12, 2017 at 5pm ET.

• New section created on “Principles of Publication Committee (PC) Review

*Reflects attendance to issues of scientific merit in review of Consortium-wide dataset requests vs. site-specific dataset requests.

i. All Consortium-wide requests will undergo extensive PC review.
ii. While all site-specific requests will still be reviewed for overall scientific merit, it will not be as extensive and detailed as the Consortium-wide requests.

*Allusion to the PC’s right to withhold or postpone any request based on scientific quality, language, writing, substance, or content overlap.

*Outline of the consequences resulting from publication submission without prior approval and/or all specified PC revisions.

*Update on the language surrounding various aspects of the requests including, but not limited to:

iii. the opportunity for collaboration on data requests
iv. the importance of updating existing and past requests on the CARE website
v. the timeliness of PC reviews for data and publication requests

*Better organization of overall presentation of content in SOP

• Revision of section on “Authorship and Contribution to Published Works”

*New reference to ‘published works’ in lieu of separate references to manuscripts, abstracts, and visual presentations (posters). New terminology re: ‘published works’ now used throughout document and its three major types defined (primary, secondary, and tertiary).

*Clarification on appropriate use of group name (“CARE Consortium Investigators”)

 *Improved definition on the approach to authorship criteria and roles of collaborators/non-collaborators, acknowledgements, etc.

*Emphasis on references to and inclusion of text describing policies from ICMJE regarding authorship and collaboration.

*Defined timelines for abstract review as at least 2 weeks prior to abstract submission deadlines.

• Development of a process for PC review of requests involving “in-house” data, e.g., data that a performance site holds and which is intended for analysis.

Other minor revisions to text.