Summary of Revisions to CARE SOPs

The CARE Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have been revised and in accordance with our SOPs, we are opening them to public comment by Consortium members. The DRAFT SOPs can be found on the CARE Consortium Intranet under the “Standard Operating Procedures” folder. Comments or suggestions for revisions should be submitted to by March 28, 2016 at 5pm ET.

Infrastructure and Governance
*Revisions to reflect changes in Consortium membership.
*Revisions to reflect changes in CARE Executive Committee leadership.
*Revisions to reflect process for updating existing SOPs.

Biostatistics and Data Management
*Updated information regarding processes for data validation and quality checks.

Research Collaboration with CARE
*Updated text regarding processes utilized in review of Research Collaboration requests to be consistent with Data Use, Sharing and Publication Requests.

Data Use, Sharing and Publication
*Revisions to clarify processes utilized by Publication Committee in Data Use, Sharing, and Publication.